DIY Chargeback – Is It Possible And How?

DIY Chargeback – Is It Possible And How?

If you have been a victim of an online financial swindler, you must have heard of a chargeback procedure. Now, the question is can you file a dispute yourself, or do you need a representative to act on your behalf?

Simply put, if you have enough time and knowledge, you can file a dispute for a chargeback yourself and try to get a refund. This way, you’ll be involved in the entire process, and it will cost you nothing.

Due to the complexity of the process, this path may not be for everyone. We will cover the entire procedure step by step.

Contact The Company In Question

Most banks will require you to submit proof that you have tried contacting the company in question, and they haven’t responded or refused to refund your money.

That’s why the first step would be written communication. Send an email to the firm requesting your funds back. Then give them the usual 15 days to respond.

If nothing happens, you can contact your bank. On the other hand, if they reply and refuse to refund you, you can contact your bank even before the 15 day deadline expires.

Make sure to include all communication with the trading firm in the file

Contact Your Bank Or the Card Issuer

As you can guess, the next step would be contacting your bank or the card issuer. Explain the situation and ensure to include all the evidence you possess, including the communication with the company.

Before submitting a dispute, make sure that you’re acting within the deadline. Usually, you have 120 days since the fraudulent transaction occurred. Exceptionally, this can be extended to up to 540 days, so make sure to check all the requirements and see if your case can be overviewed under special circumstances.

Once you submit everything, your bank or card provider will contact the merchant and allow counter-dispute. The business in question then may provide evidence about transactions’ legitimacy, so be prepared for it.

What Evidence Do I Need For A Claim?

You should file with your bank or the card issuer any evidence you possess. Explain each piece of evidence and why you believe the transaction was fraudulent. Make sure to include the name of the company, the date when the transaction occurred, and the amount. Also, if you have any kind of receipt or payment confirmation, add it to the claim.

Finally, don’t forget to include all written communication with the company, including your refund request.

Once you submit everything, the bank may take some time to review the claim and confirm its legitimacy

What Happens If The Bank Refuses My Request?

Sometimes, the bank or the card issuer may refuse your request. This often happens if the merchant submits sufficient evidence in the counter-dispute or if you haven’t provided enough evidence yourself.

In this case, your options are quite limited. You can write a formal complaint letter and ask the bank to review the case again. This time, include all the relevant documentation and point out why you think you should win the case.

If the chargeback is rejected in the second review, your only option is to go to an attorney. You should consider that this may be more expensive than hiring a representative in the first place.

Most Common Problems With DIY Chargeback Claims

As you can tell, filing a dispute requires sufficient evidence and ensuring that counter-claim won’t be accepted. That’s why it’s essential to know crucial information your bank will focus on.

Besides, you need to know everything about deadlines, special circumstances, and more. Sometimes, the paperwork can be overwhelming, especially knowing that you have one chance to file a dispute.

You should be aware that you can suffer adverse consequences if the bank determines that your request hasn’t been legitimate.

Can I Get Help With My Case?

Generally, people find chargeback procedures lengthy and complicated. For that reason, many give up on pursuing justice and recovering their funds. Embarrassment, stress, and vulnerability are just some factors affecting someone’s decision not to proceed on their own.

You should be aware that you’re not alone. If you feel uncomfortable starting the process yourself or simply need guidance and assistance, you can get in touch with Action Refund.

Our team of chargeback specialists has vast experience and knowledge and is prepared to help and increase your chances of a successful outcome. Get in touch and give us as many details. We’re here to help.