Crypto Investigation

Crypto Investigation

Cryptocurrencies are a new and exciting way of making profits. While some companies and exchanges will offer you legitimate services and everything will be in order, many scammers can abuse you and steal your funds.
As you may know, crypto transactions are encrypted. Long story short, transferring funds from one wallet to another is protected with many security layers, and uncovering the wallet owner and connecting it to a particular person or company can be quite a challenge.
All the transactions are processed on the blockchain – many chains of code form a block. Yet, knowing this fact won’t help you much in retrieving stolen funds.

Why Crypto Investigation?

If you want to crack the code and find the wallet owner or where your funds were transferred, we highly suggest you find a good crypto investigator.

Their services include:

  • Using new technologies for decrypting crypto transfers
  • Following the transfer through many blockchains
  • Using crypto forensics to find the final destination of your funds
  • Preparing reports for authorities
  • Consultation and assistance in presenting the case in front of regulators and law enforcement

Crypto Investigation Process

Before enrolling yourself in the crypto investigation process, we want you to know exactly what it implies. Here’s how it works:

1. Consultation and collecting evidence

Before we can start the process, we need all the relevant information, including the evidence clients possess, such as written communication with the fraudster and screenshots of transactions.

2. Evaluation of the received information and evidence

Once you explain to us what happened and we can overview all the evidence, we will be able to understand if there is a case and how it can possibly be resolved in your favor.

3. Technical crypto tracking (with OSINT, CYBINT, and FININT software)

Since all crypto transactions are performed through blockchain, we’re ensuring to provide you with an in-depth analysis of the transfer. We have advanced technology capable of tracking thousands of crypto transactions and decrypting the recipient’s wallet. We’re using OSINT, CYBINT, and FININT to analyze cases and find relatable cyber and financial intelligence solutions.

4. Using crypto forensics to trace the coin movement

We’re adding human power to the equation. Besides software, we’re using our experts to follow the transaction to the final destination and trace down the owner of the funds.

5. Advising and consulting about the case

After everything is done, we create a report including all the information. With this, you can report the case to the relevant authorities with our consultation.

6. Review and decision

We’re following you on the way to filing a complaint and review each step you take so that we can help you get a decision in your favor.

7. Assisting with legal demand letters

We’re following you on the way to filing a complaint and review each step you take so that we can help you get a decision in your favor.
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