Crypto Investigation Report

Crypto Investigation Report

Can Bitcoin Be Traced?

Upon crypto investigation, a client is getting an intelligence report. This report contains a step-by-step investigation process and our findings during the procedure.

  • 1. Graph presentation of funds’ movement

We’re showing you all the wallets your funds were transferred through, from the first to the final destination and cashout.

  • 2. Details about transactions and wallet owners

Each wallet is tied to a person. We’re trying to identify these people and give you accurate information about current fund owners.

  • 3. Investigation report

All the findings are summarized in an investigation report that can be provided to authorities and regulators.

Essential components of the report:

  • Strategic planning
  • Documentation for police and other authorities
  • Graph presentation of funds’ movement
  • Information about crypto wallet owners
  • Detailed conclusion

Once you explain to us what happened and we can overview all the evidence, we will be able to understand if there is a case and how it can possibly be resolved in your favor.

How Is Investigation Report Created?

In the first stage, we’re asking our customers to provide us with all the information that may point us in the right direction and find the wallet and the owner. Once we have the basic data, we will

  • Analyze the data
  • Use algorithms and other advanced tools
  • Use sophisticated analytics software
  • Track crypto until the final destination

Besides technology, we use human resources too. We will use crypto forensics to manually follow the coin traces and find those who currently own the crypto or have cashed it out. Upon completing the investigation process, we will create a report and summarize all the activities and facts found through comprehensive research.